Meng-Ting Lu


Room 505, BL Building,
National Taiwan University,
No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10617,
Taiwan R.O.C.


P2P Streaming
Complexity-Aware Live Streaming
Digital Home Technology


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Honors and Awards

  1. 94學年度大學校院嵌入式軟體競賽多媒體應用組佳作
  2. The 5th Golden Silicon Award First Prize
  3. 第四屆趨勢軟體競賽入圍獎
  4. 第二屆無線通訊軟體競賽第一名及Intel特別獎
  5. 2002 Microsoft Asia Student .NET & XML Web Service Contest Award 3rd prize
  6. 第一屆無線通訊軟體競賽佳作最佳潛力獎


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